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Welcome to The Authors Page! Here you can can find out more about each of our current authors with Perfect Trust Productions. Please feel free to browse through. Click on the banners to view them larger, click on the provided social links to be directed to the author's pages that are available, and the trailers are also provided directly from PTP YouTube!

NEWEST release in Southern Charm Series now available on AMAZON!

Stella Abel


 Stella Abel lives a simple life in the mountain of Tennessee with her dog, Rocco, in a small house off the beaten path. Not one for nightlife, she enjoys the sounds of nature that fill the world around her. She’s loved storytelling all of her life and now she’s telling her own stories in her own way. She tries to see the beauty in everything. Wanting to write about the beauty of the Smoky Mountains, her first series is set there. Stella hopes her work touches your heart as it does hers.

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Book One of Southern Charm Series!

We are THRILLED to announce the release of a new series from Stella Abel! Book One from the Southern Charm Series titled, "Y'all Come" is a heart felt tale of love and lost and maybe a new love found. Not your average romance novel. Now available ONLY on AMAZON!

Take a closer look into her world as a Psychic Medium, Gothic Photographer and writer. A unique blend of history and lore, you don't want to miss this! Now available ONLY on AMAZON!

Kat Lavoie Silvia


 Kat Silvia is a psychic medium, Gothic photographer and writer. She was raised in Richmond, Rhode Island; a state filled with history and of course ghosts. Since the age of three years old, Kat remembers seeing and hearing spirits. Unfortunately, Kat’s parents were not too happy when she spoke of ghosts and an interest in the paranormal. In the third grade, she took out every single book she could find in the library to pursue her studies of ghosts and spirits. Kat also was an artist at an early age and took art in high school and in college. She graduated from Rhode Island College with honors in 2004 with a degree in Communications. Kat found herself in the financial world working at a credit union in Rhode Island and eventually in Arizona when she and her husband moved in 2010. Although Arizona never felt like home to Kat, her abilities increased as a psychic medium. Kat worked on a few personal cases in Arizona where some friends experienced a negative entity in their home. She has also provided long distance advice and recommendations to people who were dealing with a haunting in California. In 2013 Kat went through a spiritual awakening after having all her chakras opened up by a life coach. It was a very difficult and beautiful experience as it opened up her eyes as to how the world is really operating. After the awakening she uncovered new abilities such as the Art of Discernment and also the ability to see the demonic and lower vibrational entities. After Kat became pregnant with her third child Rowan, she realized she was very unhappy she was lost in the throws of motherhood and needed a creative outlet. After searching hashtags on Instagram of cemetery and graveyard photography, she became inspired to start her artwork again as she took a 35 mm class in college and aced it. Kat shoots with a Canon Rebel and does most of the editing on her phone. Kat likes to exercise, spend time in nature, entertain and cook. Kat makes her home in Griswold, Connecticut with her husband and three kids, two dogs, one cat, four turkeys and six chickens. You can find her on Instagram @katdiva80 and on Facebook under Kat Lavoie Silvia.

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Take a look in what is in store for you! Her 6th best seller, and deemed by several her best written work yet! Now available on Amazon!

Vanessa Hogle


 Five short years ago Vanessa Hogle was stuck. Knee deep in two jobs, a dead end relationship and no positive viewpoint regarding the future. Knowing something had to change she drew inspiration from her past and began to forge a new life for herself and her son. She had been involved in the paranormal community before and knew that's where she had to start. Having remote viewed for a paranormal team, and consulted for the "Leave or Die" episode of The Haunted, on Animal Planet, Vanessa had more than enough material to write a book, subsequently fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an author...... To read more about Vanessa, purchase her books or a reading, see photos, watch interviews/videos, find links to all of her social media, please click on the link below to her OFFICIAL WEBSITE!


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Throughout her life she knew what she was experiencing was not normal. It would be a struggle throughout her life. Something that she would learn was nothing more than a journey that would prepare her for the path where she is today. She would first have to learn to embrace her strange. ON AMAZON!

Gwen Luckett


 Born in Farmville, Va she was raised most of her childhood in Cumberland, Va. From the age of four years old, she began to have paranormal experiences. Unable to speak to anyone about it, being raised in the Bible Belt, she continued to have these experiences through out her life keeping much of it to herself, for fear of ridicule. She worked as an EMT, Fire Fighter, a Police Officer and also worked for a Doctor who was the local Medical Examiner. It wasn't until after her father died that she came out of the broom closet and started her paranormal team, Beyond Perception Investigators. She would later become the Co Founder & CEO of Perfect Trust Productions with her friend and business partner, Vanessa Hogle. You can follow Gwen on social media under the following links!

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A paranormal story, with a twist. AVAILABLE NOW ONLY ON AMAZON!

Chris Lash


 Chris Lash lives in a small town with her husband and two dogs. She loves her family, a good story, scary movies, and music. On any given day you'll find her jotting down story ideas while going about her daily business. Yes, she's one of those people whose mind is always working like an internet browser with twenty tabs open.




"Book of Rae" now available ONLY on Amazon!

We are pleased to announce the signing of Rachael Hinkley with PTP! Here, her first release, "Book of Rae". A compilation of short stories and poems. Journey through a life of love, hurt, memories, and what is to come. Available ONLY on AMAZON. *THIS TITLE HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET UPDATE TO FOLLOW*

Rachael Hinkley


 Oklahoma native, wife of a 22-year Army Veteran, mother of three crazy boys and bonus mother to an amazing, beautiful girl and one more wacky boy. Two fur babies as well as a fur grandbaby and a yes, one more crazy grandson. Spent her days wrestling boys into submission by herself and produced a United States Marine, an upcoming Musician and producer, and an aspiring cook and gamer.  Loved writing as a child and young adult, had to put it on hold for life. A talented dental assistant by trade.

 Decided to spread her wings and explore the world, and travel as much as she can. Fiery personality and a heart as big as Texas. Writing came second nature to her, never giving it up, just pocketed it until she had the courage to set it free. Loves being at the beach and anything outdoors. She has been described as crafty, thrifty, and sarcastic. Loves a challenge and has welcomed this new chapter in her life with grace and honor.

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