Format Guidelines

 Things have gotten busy for us here at PTP LLC! Since February of 2021, we have released eight publications! We are proud to announce that we now have four best selling authors as of the date of this post as well. 

 Being that things are picking up, and we have more inquiries from prospective authors, we wanted to post what the format guidelines are for your publication to be uploaded easier to Amazon. Please read the following guidelines and if there are any questions, feel free to send us an email via the "Contact Us" tab.

1) All new chapters must begin 6 line spaces down from the top of the new page and the chapter/title needs to be in bold print. Allow one space between the chapter/title and the beginning of said chapter/tiltle.

2) Indent at least one space for each new paragraph.

3) Font size used should be Times New Roman size 12.

4) All dialouge, per character (if applicable), must be easily distinguishable to the character in which is speaking.

 By following these steps, it helps in speeding up the proof reading and any editing that my be needed before finalizing for upload.

 Also please note that manuscripts need to be in word docx./word doc. or a pdf file. NO OTHER PROGRAMS ARE ACCEPTABLE as they have been proven to be difficult to work with when uploading to the host (Amazon). We use MacBook and Mac Desktops for optimal performance, the three stated formats are preferred for our system as well.  

 We look forward to working with you! Again, you can send us an email via our "Contact Us" tab with any questions. 

(Posted 11-15-2021)


This is DIRECTLY from Amazon. PLEASE be sure to have the settings set accordingly prior to typing your manuscript.

Guidelines for Author Submission

 Your success is our success! Since we began launching publication we have Stella Abel working on a book series and Kat Lavoie Silvia who has published her first book, "Admiring Death" and it hit Amazon's Best Seller's and Hot New 100 list in 3 DAYS! Congratulations Kat!! 

 We appreciate and admire the passion authors have for their work. We strive to help them in achieving their goal of publication. Vanessa Hogle, the Founder & President of the company has 6 best selling titles to her name. The latest, Ghosts Abroad Ireland, being published by Perfect Trust Productions. Gwen Clapper (Luckett) the Co Founder and CEO of PTP LLC solely edited "Admiring Death", recieving approval from Vanessa and this would be her first solo project as an editor. 

 We go the extra mile, making book trailers, easy to follow contracts that do not bind the author for years and are transparent in royalties. Amazon is the host we use for publication and they have strict guidelines on how publication is completed. This includes the general size of publication, margins, spacing, gutter and so on. AUTHOR MUST BE AS INVESTED IN THEIR WORK AS WE ARE. Passion is work. And we are excited and dedicated to helping you with yours!

 Your manuscript DOES NOT have to be complete in order to set up a meeting with us. To see if we are a right fit for you, please go to the "Contact Us" tab on this website, fill it out letting us know you are interested in publishing your written work, and we will be in contact with you to arrange a meeting. Contacting us by other means is not acceptable as this is the BEST way for us to see AUTHOR REQUESTS.

Happy writing!

(Published 8-13-2021)

Our Responsibilities to Our Authors

This is an excerpt from the pending contracts once we begin to accept authors. The language used is as follows;

Publisher; Perfect Trust Productions 

Author; Owner of the intellectual property to which is being published

Host; Platform where the completed product will be sold

First Edition; Identifies the written work which will be stated in the contract (If this is a second, third edition etc, the wording would change from FIRST EDITION)

- To have completed manuscript edited and uploaded to the host within four to six weeks of the manuscript being turned in to the publisher. This allows time for review by editing and for corrections, if any needed, by the author, to be made and resubmitted.

- To present the author with a printed invoice from the host when royalties are paid. This will be the ACTUAL report from the host themselves, not a spreadsheet from the publisher. This shows complete transparency on behalf of the publisher in sales of the FIRST EDITION.

- To treat the author with dignity and respect. We will try to be available whenever possible. We want you to succeed and do not feel having access to your publisher is a privilege, but a right. Please keep in mind when requesting assistance that our time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). We operate around our regular work hours of our paying jobs. However, if there is an emergency, the CEO Gwen Clapper (Luckett) and President Vanessa Hogle are fairly easy to reach. You will be provided that information once contracts are signed.


(Dated 03/11/2021)