A Quick Update!

We have been extremely busy with several projects going on. Recently we have signed on three new authors to our team. We welcome Stella Abel, Kat Lavoie Silvia and Marcellus Wilinski! Each author is a seperate genre and we are beaming with excitement to see what the future entails! 

Recently Vanessa and I have been working on journals and releasing those on Amazon. So far we have four now available! More will be coming and Vanessa has hinted on doing more coloring books in the future. 

I have been busy with getting duties taken care of for the authors, writing my first book, and continue to edit episodes for the BPI re releases. I am one person and the patience from everyone is greatly appreciated! 

In closing we are still in pre production of "Hidden Gems Scotland: A Walk Through Darkness". As you can imagine the pandemic put a hold on a lot of plans for everyone and we are no exception. Our head of research, Laurna Cron as well as her assistant (who has been doing a LOVELY job), are still working on the documentation and arrangements as they patiently await our arrival. As soon as we know anything about when we will be able to fly over and film, we will let you all know. Thank you all again for the continued love and support. You REALLY are the BEST!

- Gwen 

Taken "some time ago" at West Va State Penitentiary

What's Next?

So, it's been a hot minute since visiting this spot. And alot has happened! We've set up an office space thanks to help of a trusted friend, and BPI team mate, you all know him as "Loper". We have obtained our LLC, have had our next production, "Hidden Gems Scotland: A Walk Through Darkness" in pre production  for over a year now. We have published what Vanessa can  officially claim as her sixth best seller, "Ghosts Abroad Ireland" under Perfect Trust Productions LLC. In 2020, I  co directed, produced, edited and released a music video with independent music artist, Lyrik Omaggio for his song, "I Told You I'm Alright", (which can be found on his YouTube, show him some love), and we are in contract to do a second and even BETTER one with him! PTP has also been working on the re release footage of the Beyond Perception Investigators episodes that can be seen on the PTP YouTube (and in the video segment on this website and on the BPI YouTube and BPI webpage)! So the obvious question is well, what in the world are we up to next?.........

I am currently working on my first book release, "Embracing My Strange". It's something that I have been working on and off on for about 4 years now. I have a deadline that I have set on myself to have it released by October of THIS year. So I am hoping not to let you guys down. As the title hints, it will be a parabiography. No surprise there. It will be the first of 3 books in a series.....ah.....you didn't know THAT...did ya? Meanwhile, Vanessa is working hard on her first adult coloring book , "Looking Glass", and is getting the final work sent to me as I type this so that I can do edits and get it ready for Amazon. Five hours ahead of us, our head researcher, Laurna Cron, has been working like a mad woman getting things together for HGS (Hidden Gems Scotland). Our filming had been postponed as announced due to COVID. We were suppose to film in April of this year. As of now, the window LOOKS like it MAY be in August. Time will tell. Laurna has been our lifeline when it comes to first hand info. We actually find out protocols from her before it hits the news...no joke. We must also give a shout out to the lovely Kat Cloney and Vicki Cloney to whom have been so helpful with their knowledge of history of their home, Scotland. There are several others that we will thank as this project grows, we do not want to give away all of our "aces" at once ;) 

We also have a new "brand" that we are working on as hinted in previous social media posts.....I think certain folks are gonna like it!! This fall is going to be VERY busy with filming not only in Scotland (HOPEFULLY) but all through the east coast as Vanessa will be moving to Virginia and will finally be joined with her BPI FAMILY!!!

In closing I will say that so much has happened so quickly. Vanessa and I are blessed. Overwhelmed at times, yet very thankful. For each word of encouragement, for every share, like, for every book bought, video watched, item bought off off redbubble or when we had our teespring, every tarot reading bought from Vanessa.....THANK YOU. YOU make this happen. We LOVE you guys!!!


It's Been A Year!

I can not even decide where to begin. A year. A FULL flipping year, ALREADY! So much has happened, it's unreal! A good year and a half to two years it was in the making. Hidden Gems Ireland. What started off as a vision, became a passion, and now a full blown calling. We've been through so much to make it here. A year later. Learned so much. Through the ups and downs, trials and errors, the good, the bad, and yes, the down right U-G-L-Y....we made it. As HGI slowly draws to a close (only a couple more episodes left y'all😥), I reflect on all the lessons learned. The blessings bestowed upon Van and I, to have met some of the most amazing people who sat down and shared their stories, their family and country's history with us. Two complete strangers from America. I learned a great lesson. We are NOT so different. We have different ways of doing things, sure. But the way we VIEW things, FEEL things, and LOVE....it's the same. Remembering the one's passed, it's so important. The history, the lore, traditions...it's the fiber of US...ALL of us. It really doesn't matter where you claim where you are from TODAY, it's where you REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM. That's the LESSON, and I'm sticking to it. What say you? 😎