EVP captured at Vanessa's apartment

See FULL video description on YouTube for details. Original footage available upon request.

Ad for "Side Bar Sessions"

Let's get to talking about the locations visited in the series "Yore and Lore" and have some fun too! First episode coming 3/14/2022!!

Sneak Peek 2 Yore and Lore

Here is the second sneak peek clip of what is to come. We even find out some very interesting family lineage and of that, some very shocking! Stick around and find out what on future episodes of Yore and Lore!

Yore and Lore Ep 1 S1

In this episode we meet Dot, the owner of Edgewood Plantation in Charles City, Va. Join us as she gives us a tour and shares not only the history, but the stories of her own and "Lizzie" the resident ghost. There is follow up information at the end of new discoveries made after the initial filming.

Yore and Lore Ep 1 S1

Please join us as we go to the Mary Washington House in Fredericksburg, Va. Vanessa Hogle does a walk through with a reading for the manager of the house, Michelle Hamilton. Learn more about this location, the unknown history of it and hear the stories of the unexplained too!

Yore & Lore Out Takes Video ONE

As we are preparing episodes for Yore and Lore....please enjoy some of these out takes! Just a few clips put together in this compilation for a giggle. #YoreandLore #HistoryOverHype

Ep 8 BPI Re Release "Something Under My Bed"

there is several pieces of NEW footage from the original. The team responds to a parent needing help for their young child who is having terrifying experiences in her room. It was determined that this child has abilities and is now a beacon. SOME FOOTAGE/AUDIO IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES

Ep 7 Re Release "Cabin on 360"

Surrounded by history of the Civil War along with the energies of a horrific murder in the house next door, what will happen when the BPI team goes to investigate the Cabin on 360? Original investigation was 2017. We were able to enhance the audio on EVP captures and even found some new ones!

Ep 6 BPI Re Release Sailer's Creek Battlefield/High Bridge/Hollywood Cemetery Va

The team sets off to Sailer's Creek Battlefield in Prince Edward Co, Va with Vanessa Hogle. This location is not as well known as it should be, being it was THE turning point in the American Civil War. Traveling then to High Bridge (Farmville, Va) and ending the investigation at Hollywood Cemetery.

Ep 5 BPI Re Release "West Virginia State Penitentiary"

The team travels to what is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Or is it? See a different paranormal take from the norm at this location. **SOME MATERIAL/LANGUAGE MAY NOT BE SUITED FOR ALL AUDIENCES**

Ep 4 BPI Re Release "Too Many Tenants" Part Three

The third & final chapter. An hour long as we packed 2 nights of investigation into this episode. Vanessa Hogle joins us as we return back to a previous site. A new discovery stirs up activity & confirms suspicions both for the team & the clients. "The Incident" is born. AUDIENCE 18 AND OVER

Ep 3 BPI Re Release "Too Many Tenants" Part TWO

Activity amps up as this episode leads into the third and final part of this investigation which brings Vanessa Hogle in the third part (Episode 4), now in production. **SOME MATERIAL NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS/STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING**

Ep 2 BPI Re Release "Too Many Tenants" Part ONE

The team sets off to help a family with what appears to be a routine investigation. As the investigation wears on, we find out more disturbing things about this property and its past. Part ONE of THREE. **SOME MATERIAL NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS/STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING**

Ep 1 BPI Re Release Charlotte, NC

The team tries to help a family dealing with more than things going bump in the night. From odd happenings to very vivid dreams, to Gwen's walk and visions being confirmed, it happens HERE on this episode. **MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR SOME VIEWERS** **STRONG LANGUAGE**

BPI Intro

BLOOPERS Hidden Gems: Ireland

This is it! That's a wrap! The final installment of "Hidden Gems: Ireland"! The Blooper Reel is now here! After going through HOURS of footage, here are some of the never seen (and some seen) footage and photos of the "whoops" moments! We want to thank EVERYONE who took part in this venture!

Full Interview with Laurna Cron Episode 10

The complete interview from Episode 9, Hidden Gems Ireland : Dublin. Bloopers have been removed for use in blooper reel. This interview includes footnotes at the bottom of the screen giving references and hints of what to look for in up coming seasons! *SOME LANGUAGE MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL*

Dublin Episode 9

Our last stop before returning back home to the states! What started as a day of exploring ended with an unexpected guest. Listen in as Laurna gives historical information on a location we visited with quite the past! You will also hear Laurna's witnessed account of an attachment on Vanessa!

No Longer Forgotten Episode 8

We travel to Tuam, Ireland to visit an area where the Mother and Baby Home once stood. Rumored for years to have buried remains of hundreds of children, mainly infants, it wasn't until recent years the rumors were confirmed. **STRONG LANGUAGE** DEPENDING ON YOUR DEVICE HEADPHONES MAY BE HELPFUL **

Ireland in Photos

A video clip of some photos taken while we were filming "Hidden Gems : Ireland". We have many more photos to share and are looking forward in doing so at a later date. We hope you enjoy!

Spellman's Motel Episode 7 Part 3 - Synchronicity With a Twist

The final installment of our investigation while at Spellman's (Spelman's) Motel in Ballaghaderreen, Ireland. We do a quick recap of episodes 5 &6, then something new added along with a special treat, forgotten footage! Information about the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley. **STRONG LANGUAGE**

Spellman's Motel Episode 6 Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 part istallment on Spellman's Motel. (Episode 5 is part one). More odd catches and eyewitness accounts add up to more questions than answers at this true Hidden Gem! There's more to come in episode 7! **STRONG LANGUAGE**

Spellman's Motel Part One Episode 5 Hidden Gems, Ireland

In this episode, Gwen and Vanessa check out a local staple of this town. Reports of shadows, voices, footsteps and more. So much history and captures of this location, it needed more than one episode! **STRONG LANGUAGE**

St. Mary's Convent & Private Residence Ep 4 Season 1 Hidden Gems (Ireland)

Odd dreams and a sketch started all of this! See what happens when we tie them all together! **STRONG LANGUAGE**

Lessons Learned Episode 3 Hidden Gems Season 1 (Ireland)

Get comfy! This one is quite the length. Gwen and Vanessa are schooled on the FACTUAL history of a human atrocity that many on our side of the pond THINK we know about. Get ready to laugh, love and cry. (An EVP is captured a couple of times but we'll let YOU "find" them). **STRONG LANGUAGE**

Cave of the Cats Episode 2 Hidden Gems Season 1 (Ireland)

A well know location is explored in a way other paranormal shows have not done, from deep inside the Cave of the Cats! No protective clothing, we go in clean and anxious, but come out covered in mud and at ease knowing Morrigan has blessed us on our venture! **STRONG LANGUAGE**

Moore Hall Episode 1 Hidden Gems Season 1 (Ireland)

Traveling throughout this historic land, Vanessa does her thing as we go! Rich in history, and lore, this location is quite the spot! An unusual event is caught on camera as well as EVP's, and odd occurrences. **STRONG LANGUAGE**

Documentary by 3 Fold Paranormal

The investigation that became "Fresh Kills - In Search of Holly Ann Hughes". The ladies of 3 Fold Paranormal try to find answers for this cold case.

3 Fold Paranormal Sneak Clip

A sneak peek during the investigation of "Fresh Kills - In Search of Holly Ann Hughes".

3 Fold Paranormal Intro Video

Introduction of the women of 3 Fold Paranormal and their mission.

"Eye" see you

After an invstigation, something very odd happened. So odd, Vanessa had NEVER had this happen before!

An Update! What we've been up to...

One of the first updates since arriving in Ireland. We were already a little punch drunk!