Gwen Clapper (Luckett) & Vanessa R Hogle are experienced in the Paranormal field in their own right. Not claiming to be "experts", more so "seasoned". Both women have various experiences of communicating with the dead.

 Vanessa is a six time best selling author in her genre. A sculptor of jewelry, an artist of various styles, the host of the Audio Pod Cast "Glances Through The Veil" by UBSP Network, psychic medium, remote viewer with work established with various teams both domestic and abroad, member of Beyond Perception Investigators, as well as personal readings through appointment only (contact her via in the "Contact Me" tab). All of this while being a single mom and working 2 jobs.

 Gwen is the founder of Beyond Perception Investigators who now have episodes on Perfect Trust Productions LLC YouTube Channel, hosting "The Reckoning". She worked over 20 years in EMS/Fire services, home health care, worked for a Medical Examiner and was also employed as a Police Officer. To note, she is also an editor, producer, clairvoyant, documentarian, and personal assistant to Vanessa. She has also released her first book, "Embracing My Strange" in September 2021 which became a best seller.

 Together, they decided to bring you honest, unbiased programming to showcase the best of paranormal and historical findings of what they call, "Hidden Gems". They also contract coverage to teams looking for a production company for production/editing of their footage. With Beyond Perception Investigators being their first team to be assigned with the production company!


 Editing of ALREADY recorded footage from teams/individuals now being accepted. We are currently working on reporting to locations to do the raw filming. This can be arranged within certain distance of the PTP LLC office located in Prince George Co. Virginia. 

 If you would like to submit footage for editing purposes and for final production, or wish for PTP LLC to film and produce for you, or to set up an author meeting, please fill out the "Contact Us" form. (Can be located at the top of this page). Be advised fees are associated with FILMING/EDITING of video services and contracts will be reviewed and signed before any commitments are made.

We also publish written work for authors of all genres. Your manuscript DOES NOT have to be completed to schedule a meeting with us to dicscuss our terms of contracts/percentages/services provided to authors. Meetings are scheduled via through our "Contact Us" tab here on the website. Author meetings are arranged and conducted to see if we are a right fit for you. (More information on written publication can be found under the "Author Stop" tab).

 Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Updated "total" book trailer (1) As more titles are released, a second one with those respective trailers will be put together.

Hidden Gems: Scotland "A Walk Through Darkness"

In pre production for over a year now. This is the first trailer giving you a glimpse of the subject matter at hand. Be prepared to see a side of history, and us, that you've not seen before! Awaiting clearance for flight and filming due to the COVID pandemic. Stay tuned for updates!

Review Moore Hall Unexplained Caught on Video

A quick clip showing an unexplained capture while filming at Moore Hall in Ireland during "Hidden Gems Ireland". This is the first episode in that series and can be found in the "Hidden Gems Ireland" Playlist.

Beyond Perception Investigators

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About Us:

We are a team of researchers, investigators, clairvoyants, a Combat Veteran, retired EMT's/Fire Fighters,a Psychic Medium, remote viewer/automatic drawer. Our mission is to give the dead a voice and the living closure. We do not wish to prove anything to anyone. It is not our job to convince anyone to believe in anything. We help those in need on our time and our dime. What we capture is just that. No frills. Raw, real, honest investigating. That's what makes us #ParaHonest .