We are PLEASED to announce that Vanessa Hogle and I are now officially able to post the upcoming hours for operation while we are gone with Secret Ireland Tours LLC this October!


No Changes other than you may get paid a bit early. We will pull funds from another account when I see the Amazon report for the month to be paid. I will make sure there will be no delay in payments owed.

To Contract Work For Banners/Other Social Media Outlets Etc:

Please have ALL needed requests submitted FOR DATES OF SHOWS etc TO BE HELD OCTOBER 17th through NOVEMBER 8th, 2022 TURNED IN to the individual that is assigned to do said work by NO LATER THAN 5 PM EST ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 14th. PTP will BE CLOSED starting OCTOBER 19 at noon EST and will not reopen until NOVEMBER 7th at 1P.M EST after I finish my shift at my regular job. We will NOT accept any requests for assignments after the cut off mark on 5P.M Friday, OCTOBER 14th. We will be using the first part of the following week to complete requested assignments, the remainder of the week will be to prepare for our journey to Ireland ūüáģūüá™. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to email me perfecttrustproductions@outlook.com

Thanks Again! - Gwen

 Gwen Luckett & Vanessa R Hogle are experienced in the Paranormal field in their own right. Not claiming to be experts, more so seasoned. Both women have various experiences of communicating with the dead.

 Vanessa is a seven time best selling author in her genre. A sculptor of jewelry, an artist of various styles, psychic medium, remote viewer with work established with various teams both domestic and abroad, member of Beyond Perception Investigators, and provides personal readings through appointment only (contact her via vanessahogle.com in the "Contact Me" tab). 

 Gwen is the founder of Beyond Perception Investigators who now have episodes on Perfect Trust Productions YouTube Channel, hosting "The Reckoning". She is a Veteran in public service with over 20 years in EMS/Fire, assistant with a Medical Examiner, served as a Police Officer, and worked in home health. To note, she is also an editor, producer, director, photographer, Clairvoyant, documentarian, and a designer of book covers and banners. She has also released her first book, "Embracing My Strange" in September 2021 which became a best seller. (more about Gwen at gwenluckett.com)

 Together, they decided to bring you honest, unbiased programming to showcase the best of paranormal and historical findings of what they call, "Hidden Gems". They also contract coverage to teams looking for a production company for production/editing of their footage. With Beyond Perception Investigators being their first team to be assigned with the PTP!